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  1. By Doll on
    Square brackets—also called crotchets or simply brackets (US)—are often used to insert explanatory material or to mark where a [word or] passage was omitted from an original material by someone other than the original author, or to mark modifications in quotations.
  2. By Tezilkree on
    May 24,  · [ ] Brackets / Square Brackets What are brackets? The punctuation marks [ ], as opposed to parentheses (), show that something has been added to or omitted from a quotation or cited sentence—the material within the brackets is often an explanation or a comment on something in the original quotation.. When to use brackets. They may be used when a writer wants to explain or .
  3. By Fegar on
    For brevity, round brackets can be used to show that a word could be either singular or plural. For example: Please write the name(s) of your guest(s) in the section below. Ensure the rod(s) is(are) aligned with the top section. Square Brackets to Make the Text Clearer Square brackets are used to add information that explains the text it follows.
  4. By Fenrikus on
    The vote will be a simple Yes/No vote on whether or not to accept the RFC for PHP and merge the patch into master. Voting started on and ended on Accept the RFC Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment for PHP ?
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    Choose from our selection of square brackets, including over 1, products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.
  6. By Gami on
    Square brackets are used to denote the variable in polynomial rings. For example, [] is the polynomial ring with the variable and real number coefficients. Lie bracket and commutator. In group theory and ring theory, square brackets are used to denote the commutator.
  7. By Shakashakar on
    square brackets definition: 1. the [ ] brackets that are shaped like two halves of a square 2. the [ ] brackets that are shaped. Learn more.
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    Find amazing deals on square brackets from several brands all in one place. Come find the square brackets you are looking for.

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